How Can Anti Phishing Software Secure Your Organization?

Today’s cyber platform is so complex that attackers use cryptographically sophisticated tools and techniques for unauthorized access, and phishing is one typical cyberattack. To withstand phishing attempts, businesses are now using anti phishing software to detect and mitigate cyberattacks.

In today’s digital era, choosing the right software and hardware resource is tedious for organizations due to variations in size, business model, and priority in cybersecurity. In light of such developments, phishing remains and seems to be a potential threat in the future.

To deal with cyber threats and phishing to be specific, cybersecurity professionals recommend anti phishing software, which are applications that identify phishing content in emails, websites, or any other form for accessing data and quarantine such malicious content notifying the user. An anti phishing software meaning that the organization will be more secure and have a systematic approach against cyberattacks.

How Does Anti Phishing Software Work?

Although organizations use different variants of anti phishing software based on organization size and other requirements, generally anti phishing software works as described in the below steps.

  • The application checks incoming mail for suspicious content or URL and verifies that the inbound mail does not originate from a blacklisted IP address or domain names.
  • If the mail is found to contain spam or malicious content, then it will be quarantined, and the user will be noted. Such a quarantine facility reduces the risk of false-positive mails.
  • If the mail is found to be authentic, it will be directed to the user’s mailbox.
  • Moreover, outgoing emails are also checked for suspicious content to avoid the IP address from getting blacklisted due to malicious insider actors.

Benefits Of Using Anti Phishing Solutions

With the advent of technology, users can now use anti phishing software such as anti phishing software for android for security. The following points scrutinize the benefits of anti phishing solutions.

  • Real-time protection.
  • Click protection against spoofed URL.
  • Malicious attachment blocking.
  • Takes the load from the security team.
  • Incident managing and reporting.
  • Updated regularly against the latest cyber threats.
  • Safeguards the institution with outbound email scanning.
  • Increased productivity and email management.

How To Select Best Free Anti Phishing Software For Businesses

Nowadays, anti phishing software free download is available all across the internet, and users are recommended to purchase an anti-phishing software with the following features.

  • Purchase and maintenance cost of the solution.
  • Client testimonials.
  • Industry experience of the provider.
  • Antivirus solutions used.
  • Outbound email filtering.
  • Compatibility with different operating systems.
  • Lowest false positive rate.

How Free Anti Phishing Software Achieves Filtering?

A free anti phishing software achieves inbound and outbound filtering in various steps, which are discussed in the following section.

  • Domain Name Server Blackhole List, also called DNSBL, confirms the authenticity and reliability of the mail’s IP address or origin. If the content contains phishing materials, then it will be quarantined, or else will be directed to the user’s inbox.
  • Digital signatures, MAIL FROM command, and MX record of the mail will be checked by SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) controls to verify the email’s originality. 
  • Suspicious URLs associated with spoofed websites are detected using URIBL and SURBL filters.
  • Tool known as Content Analysis Tool assigns a spam score to each inbound email based on content and header, and if the spam score of any mail exceeds a threshold limit, then it will be quarantined else left it as it is.
  • Also, recipient verification protocols check the recipient address in inbound emails, ensure the authenticity of each mail, and decide whether to quarantine or forward the mail to the inbox.
  • To avoid impersonating attacks, the domain names of inbound mails will be examined by the sender policy framework to identify and block phishing materials.

Why Do We Need A Best Anti Phishing Software

The relevance of anti phishing software is indispensable due to its advantages, and organizations worldwide are looking at ways to make their institution cyber proof and defend against hackers. This necessity is essential to avoid the following situations in a company.

  • Loss of reputation by getting an organization’s IP address blacklisted due to the spreading of phishing materials from within the organization to external parties.
  • Cost associated with wastage of bandwidth usage and computing resource, identifying and detecting spams, and storage costs will lead to productivity loss.
  • Phishing attempts that may allow unauthorized access to external malicious actors.
  • Ransomware attack where the victim needs to pay some amount to the intruder in the form of digital currencies to restore the victim’s system to normal mode.

Final Words

The anti phishing software undoubtedly has a considerable role in securing and mitigating threats in organizations worldwide. This software is being updated regularly to withstand the latest attack techniques, and hence the maintenance costs associated with it tend to increase over time. Cybersecurity professionals expect an artificial intelligence-driven anti-phishing software that can protect organizations regardless of size and business model and could even defend previously unknown cyber-attacks.

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