Offering Phishing Awareness Training to Employees and Preparing them to Tackle Malicious Threats

Hackers are using technologically innovative and faster tools for carrying out phishing campaigns. Enterprises can save their IT infrastructure from damage if they carry out phishing awareness training for their employees. Read on to know more.

One primary reason why users bite the bait and fall into a phishing trap is that they have the ‘not me’ syndrome. People often think that they have fail-safe systems, and they will not fall prey to phishing. But, the truth is that no security software or system is 100% safe from phishing attacks. One employee clicks on a phishing e-mail, and the sensitive business information gets compromised.

Important Phishing Awareness Tips for Employees

Before embarking on the journey to conduct phishing awareness training in the workplace, employers must ensure that they understand these vital components of phishing awareness:

  • Hackers can Spoof E-mail Addresses: Employees must remember that every e-mail from a purported sender might not be trustworthy. Innovative hackers know how to disguise e-mails and trick the victims into believing that the sender is legitimate.
  • Security awareness training must not become a one-off affair: Employees and administrators must understand that each worker acts as a line of defense. Hence, it must become integral to every training program undertaken by the organization.
  • Reporting is half the job done: Any suspicious activity that goes unreported adds to the security teams’ workload. They cannot work on devising safety measures if they do not know what threats the organization faces.
  • Subject lines of phishing e-mails contain enticing language: The subject lines include phrases that evoke a sense of curiosity, panic, or urgency in the user’s mind. Hence, they bite the bait quickly and respond to such e-mails.
  • Hackers are regularly improvising on phishing techniques: Gone are the days when it was easy to spot phishing e-mails because of the glaring grammatical errors in them. Nowadays, hackers compose e-mails carefully and make fewer mistakes.
  • E-mail attachments pose an equal threat: E-mail clients are aware of the growing phishing threats, and they block e-mails containing malicious links automatically. But, hackers are now embedding the links in attachments, which are either a PDF or a Word doc.

Innovative Methods for Phishing Awareness Training of Employees:

There are unique methods that employers can deploy as a part of their regular training programs. These methods will ensure that the employees remain vigilant against unwanted threats.

1. Provide Phishing Awareness Templates

Offering phishing awareness e-mail templates will make employees more vigilant in the event of an actual attack. Administrators can send phishing e-mails to employees from a third party address and monitor their reactions. Some e-mail templates they can use are:

  • “Your Order Was Shipped.”
  • “Your Membership is ending soon.”
  • “Final Reminder”
  • “Password Reset warning.”

2. Send Security Awareness E-mail to Employees

It is tough to track the activities of employees in today’s networked enterprise environments. However, the management can send security awareness e-mails to their workers to educate them about the need to be vigilant. It can act as a robust security measure in the long run.

3. Offer Phishing Awareness Quizlet

The phishing awareness flashcards can go a long way in making the employees understand the phishing attacks better. It will, in turn, sharpen their phishing security skills. Some questions which employers can add to it are:

  • What is phishing?
  • How can phishing effect systems through e-mails?
  • What are other modes of phishing?

4. Phishing Awareness Training Powerpoint

Employers can plan weekly or monthly events to provide phishing awareness training. These events will offer an in-depth analysis of the threat level, and the steps employees can take to combat the threat. It will improve their preparedness level, and they will become more vigilant. A phishing training pdf that employers can provide when a new employee joins will supplement regular security awareness events.

Final Words

Employees form a crucial part of a successful business, and they can also become its weakest link. Any negligence can lead to substantial financial and reputational losses to the organization. Hence, to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure and guard against multiple data breaches, enterprises must inculcate phishing awareness training as a crucial aspect of their regular functioning.

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